Lab Members

Pascal holds an M.Sc. in Neuroscience and a PhD in sensory biology which he aquired in the Lab of Hynek Burda. He performed his postdoctoral work on magnetoreception in homing pigeons in the Keays Lab at the IMP in Vienna before starting his lab at caesar. Outside of caesar Pascal enjoys spending time with his family, running and playing soccer, and all kinds of music with decent drums.

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Pascal Malkemper, group leader

Georgina did an MSc in cognitive and computational neuroscience followed by a PhD studying the neuronal networks underlying associative conditioning and extinction learning at the University of Nottingham. During her first post doc at the University of Leicester she extended her electrophysiology knowledge, using intracellular and FSCV techniques to study neuronal responses to tactile and auditory inputs. In the Malkemper-Lab Georgina focuses on establishing electrophysiology recordings in freely moving mole-rats, with the aim of discovering the neuronal circuits involved in magnetic orientation.  When she's not in the lab you will likely find her outside hiking, cycling, camping or kayaking.



Georgina Fenton, PostDoc

Sybille is the labs technician with a strong background in histology, molecular biology, protein biochemistry and cell culture. As the backbone of the lab she uses her experience to provide the lab with essential buffers and reagents, provides technical assistance, and makes sure that the lab is kept in order. Her projects focus on establishing immunohistological protocols on mole-rat tissues. Sybille enjoys being outdoors, rowing, painting, and photography.



Sybille Wolf-Kümmeth, Technician

Martha has her B.A. in Biology from Hartwick College (New York State) and M.Sc. in Marine Biology from the University of Bremen. Her M.Sc thesis focused on reversal learning in juvenile stingrays at the Institute for Zoology in Bonn. Now, Martha is setting up whole-tissue brain activity analysis via iDISCO and ClearMap, to screen the mole-rat brain for regions activated by magnetic treatments. During her spare time Martha enjoys writing, playing violin, sketching, or fencing.



Martha Daniel, Research assistant

The Lab is always looking for highly motivated Bachelor or Master candidates. Please contact us via email, sending your CV including a short summary of your previous research experience.